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Here at Tan and Glam we offer a variety of cosmetic

procedures to help our customers feel and look as good

as they desire to do.


       What we have to offerAntiwrinkle injections ( Botox &Filler)


Plasma pen 

    B12 Injections

Perfect Peels



One of our most popular procedures done here being antiwrinkle botox 

and filler done by our talented Dr with over 15 years of experience

and a  vast amount of knowledge within the industry. Our Dr knows

whats best for you to be able to achieve and get your desired look

whilst making you feel comfortable and in safe hands at the

same time.



 We use  Azzulure® (Galderma) for our botox which  contains purified

botulinum Toxin. It works by relaxing the muscle underneath the skin,

allowing the skin to relax, smoothing wrinkles and reducing lines. It can be

used to help smooth the persistent lines between your eyebrows, forehead

and reduce “crows feet” around your eyes. Within a few days of your treatment

you will notice an improvement and the effects generally last between three to

six months. Azzulure® is one of the few FDA approved botulinum toxins on

the market. It has been adapted from Dysport® which has had a 20-year

long history of product consistency and Safety.


Our price guide on Botox areas are as follows: 

1 Area: £110 

  2 Areas: £180

  3 Areas: £250

Price includes top- up 2 weeks later 


We use Restylane filler which can be injected in and around the mouth

and parts  of the face depending on where desired. A guide  of where

 needed from our Dr on the day will be carried out.


 Filler Price guide 

Per 1ml : £150  





Price guide:

Vitamin B12 Energy Shots:

£40 per shot 

or Buy 4 shots for £120 - saving £40!!

B12 Injections  improves:-energy levels, sleep, aids weight loss, boosts immune system

hair, skin nails and many more benefits


We Now Offer Fat Burner Shots 

£40.00 per injection 



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Plasma Pen :

from £350 per area

Plasma Pen is the Beauty World #1, most Advanced, en-vogue and

non-invasive, soft surgery skin lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation

device and treatment that's used in a number of procedures to drama-

tically enhance looks without the need for costly and invasive surgery.


For more info on Our Plasma Pen treatment click here


Micro needling prices :




Microneedling Pen  (single)£150

 (Block of 3):  £330

 (Block of 6):  £600


Skin needling treatment- skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation 

The original and best skin needling device, the aesthetic industry's

number one choice.


For more info on Our  Microneedling treatment click here



All treatments are carried out by our talented Dr Martin Whelan.


For all appointment enquiries please call us at: 01992 464 154 

Tan & Glam 16 Station Road, Broxbourne, EN10 7QX, 01992 464154